How to select best job for you

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How to select best job for you

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Selecting a job can be a very difficult task. U know very well about yourself in which field you are good at and what you are passionate about, but it’s always difficult from where you should begin.

First determine if you’re really in the wrong career –
If you are in job and you want to change your career then first you should decide in which field/job you want to work. Also It’s important to determine whether you are in wrong job or you are in a wrong environment. However, if you frequently find yourself feeling anxious, stressed or bored at your current work/job and struggle with or dislike your daily tasks, a career change may be necessary for you.
There are so many reasons because of which people end up on the wrong career path.
They may choose a job to please your family and friend, to achieve a certain status or salary, or simply because it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Figure out what you want — and don’t want-
The first thing before selecting the job you should decided to figure out what you want and what you don’t. once you decide To change your career your first step is to ask yourself what are your priorities for your next job, What you want from your next job. You can decide it very easily- by asking some questions to yourself –
What do you enjoy doing?
What skills do you use when doing the things you enjoy?
What means a lot to you?
What are you good at?
What do others admire about you and why?
What things do you do that you’re better at than others?

It’ll be more clear to you once you answer these questions that what you really want. It is also very important to consider what type of role you want.

Ask for advice, but don’t always take it- This is very important factor for you, as there will be so many people who will advise you about a job/ career but before taking a decision ask yourself whether the advice is right or not.

Be open to all possibilities-
It does not matter what stage of your life or career you are in, the important thing you should remember, when choosing a job is to keep your options always open. If you’re just entering into the job market, take your time to explore your interests and learn about different career paths.

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