The Second 2nd Battle War of Panipat

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The Second 2nd Battle War of Panipat

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☑ The Second Battle (2nd War) of Panipat was fought on November 5, 1556.

As we know in starting emperor Akbar had face sur Afghans, Mohammad Adil had not left the hope to regain the Sher Shah Suri’s empire, Hemu was still in his service, Hemu was a capable military leader and politician, he had displayed a high degree of strength, bravery and organization . Before he was an ordinary shopkeeper of Mewat Rewari village, he builds up the strength of their qualifications had become prime minister of Adil Shah.

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Gradually Hemu became a big name in Afghan court and and he began to distribute estates according to him at this moment he adopted the title of Vikramaditya. Abul Fazal also admitted that he has been managing the state with ordinary competence and success. He received huge kudos in wars, he had won 22 wars and had defeated his master rival Ibrahim Khan.

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The Second 2nd Battle war of Panipat

Humayun’s accidental death and his minor heir (Akbar) had given him a hope to get empire of Hindustan. Mohammad Adil, who was formerly in north has sent 500 elephants and an army of 50,000 horsemen to Agra, which he took easily after that they chase the running army from Agra and attacked on Delhi where he had face the old and experienced Mughal commander. Hemu conquered by easily capturing Delhi, at that time he was the commander over to Delhi.

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