Physics Questions Set 2

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Physics Questions Set 2

1- The working of liquid crystal in the watch is based on the piezoelectric effect.

2- The information of brilliant colours in a thin soap film is a consequence of the phenomena of multiple reflection and interference.

3- In case of uniform circular motion the acceleration is variable in magnitude but constant in direction.

4- A corked bottle full of water when frozen will break because the volume of water increases on freezing.

5- The basic reason for the extraordinary sparkle of suitably cut diamond is that it has a very high refractive index.

6- The difference between a nuclear reactor and an atomic bomb is that the chain reaction in nuclear reactor is controlled.

7- An Air bubble in water will act like A concave lens.

8- Sound is associated with Doppler Effect.

9- Hydrogen bomb is based on principle of nuclear fusion.

10- Rocket works on the principle of conservation of momentum.

11- Escape velocity from earth surface is equal to 11.2 kilometre per second.

12- When a constant force is applied to a body it moves with uniform acceleration.

13- The unit of universal gas constant is Nm2/Kg2.

14- Light from the sun reaches us in nearly 8 minutes.

15-Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named fermi.

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