Top Ten Online High Schools

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Top Ten Online High Schools

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Online K-12 education has been around for as long as online post secondary education, offering yet another alternative to traditional public schools, private schools, and homeschooling. Online high schools give students the flexibility and individual focus of homeschooling while providing student-to-student interaction on forums and an array of professional teachers, certified by subject, at the student’s fingertips.

The following ten accredited online high schools are recommended :

1. CompuHigh- Priding itself as the first online high school, CompuHigh was established in 1994. CompuHigh offers 38 different courses, including a physical education course, incorporated into their online program; these courses can be taken individually or as a four-year study that offers a high school diploma. Adults can achieve their high school diploma goals by combining their previous high school credits with up to five credits of “life experience” as part of the CompuHigh course selection. Read more about it at Jamie Littlefield’s blog.

2. Ashworth University High School– Formerly called James Madison Online High School, Ashworth University High School offers a complete four-year high school program, as well as individual courses for those trying to fill the gaps on the way to their high school diploma. Ashworth University offers the complete online experience, with postsecondary education provided as well, so that students can move on to online college studies if they wish.

3. Keystone National High School– Keystone originated in 1974 with programs that allowed adults to “go back to school” to finish their high school degree. Today, Keystone National High School continues its tradition of offering correspondence study and now brings to the forefront a merited online high school program that consists of 17 different subjects, including honors options. Keystone National High School can help someone go back to school to achieve their goals or provide a four-year curriculum for young high school students that would like to pursue their high school diploma online. Students can participate in an online demo to experience what Keystone National High School’s educational system has to offer.

4. Laurel Springs School. Laurel Springs School has a K-12 program– For their high school program, 74% of their high school graduates go onto college. They attract home schoolers, athletes, actors, and accelerated learners. They have a prom that they offer to students, as well as a pen pal program and education travel options. Visit their website to read testimonials about their quality education.

5. Allied National High School– Allied offers individual classes and a full 9-12 program. Their online curriculum focuses on six core subjects: English, math, science, social studies, foreign language and fine arts. Students work at their own pace, with up to a year to complete each course. The school offers an “enhanced support” option where, in addition to email, phone, and discussion correspondence with teachers, parents have additional reports given from the teachers about the student’s progress.

Top Ten Online High Schools

6. Christa McAuliffe Academy– Christa McAuliffe Academy is an online high school that supports itself with the motto “Any Time, Any Place, Any Place.” They are a private, non-profit virtual K-12 school. Their high school program is done one class at a time, with the student mastering each lesson to progress to the next stage. Their sister school is Achieve Online.

7. Stanford University Online High School– The EPGY (Educated Program for Gifted Youth) Online High School is a rigorous online high school developed for gifted / exceptional students. The admissions requirements are high, but their program allows accelerated learners to complete high school in three years. In addition to traditional subjects, students are required to complete courses in Democracy, Freedom, and the Rule of Law.

8. Penn Foster High School– Penn Foster has been part of the distance learning experience for over seventy five years, offering postsecondary education to working adults. Their online college degree courses have been available for some time to distance learners. Now at Penn Foster High School, students can participate in 9-12 learning programs at their own pace, taking courses individually or in a four-year curriculum.

9. Orange Lutheran High School– Orange Lutheran is a distance learner high school program that focuses online education being combined with a spiritual learning experience. Their coursework is not self-paced; students must log into class every day to participate in their courses. Students can decide when to do this daily log-in, however, which means that the school can function around a job or travel.

10. Alpha Omega Academy– Alpha Omega Academy is a Christian online K-12 school. Their high school program “Switched-On Schoolhouse” can fulfill 9-12 or build upon the junior high program they also offer. They do mail correspondence learning programs as well as an alternative to distance education. Go to their website to learn more about their Bible-based learning program

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