The first battle of Panipat

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First Battle of Panipat

The first battle of Panipat

First Battle of Panipat was fought between Ibrahim Lodhi and Babur ( 21 April 1526 AD).

As soon as Ibrahim Lodi heard the news of the arrival of Babur, he sent his armies to stop the Babur but Babur defeated the army without any interruption and continued his journey until Sirsawa. At Sirsawa Babur began his preparation for the Panipat war (First Battle of Panipat). However Afghan army was much larger than Babur’s army but he had believed that he could beat Ibrahim Lodi with the help of his new Cannons and cavalry. As he knew that Ustad Ali and Mustafa Rumi, his artillery officer, can easily beat Afghan army with the help of infantry and cavalry, so Babur gave the most attention on the management of cannon army.

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Selection of Panipat field and use of Tulugma strategy for the battle-

Babur reached Panipat April 12, 1526 and chose a place for his army i.e. Field of Panipat, which was very suitable for the war. The right side of the field was protected by Panipat city and the central part was protected by the Babar’s Cannons and the soldiers. On the left side of the field there were trees and ate to secure the Babur army.

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On the other hand the Sultan Ibrahim Lodi had a large army and he reached at the place with the army, Babar estimated that there were one million soldiers in the army of Lodi, but it was not safe because the army soldiers did not have much war experience also the Sultan was not too experienced and skilled to operate the war. These were the reasons Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi very easily.

Description of Battle of Panipat –

Babur and Ibrahim armies were there for eight days without any war, at the end Babar stood and decided to initiate the battle. He divided his army into three parts left, middle and right and laid Mongols Army on the both sides of the field, whose work was to freeze & beset the enemy army from both sides. Mongol phalanx, this well-known method is called Tulugma strategy, and was considered a well-known instrument for the victory in a battle.

The Afghan were surrounded by the babur’s army and bullets and shells were falling from all the direction on the Afghan army.

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