Five more ways to update your guided reading

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Five more ways to update your guided reading

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1. Build Background Knowledge with Video: There is no place for teaching reading in today’s world without providing students with adequate background knowledge before delving into new content. It is simple to use an iPad in small groups to pull up relevant video or other resources to build background.

2. Incorporate Mobile Devices: Utilize Tablets, iPads, Chrome Books, etc., during guided reading to allow access to digital texts and to use tools such as EVERNOTE, which students can use to store their digital notebooks. For students in grade four and above, is a great resource for leveled articles on the same topic for heterogeneous groups.

ways to update your guided reading

3. Let Students Prepare Ahead of Time: Help students take ownership over their own learning by preparing for their guided reading group ahead of time. Tell students in the morning the topic they’ll be reading about and have them read and research that topic ahead of time during workshop, so they can literally bring something to the table. Even first graders know how to use search engines or the classroom library.

4. Writing: Allot at least ten minutes of each 30-minute lesson for writing. Often, writing is an after-thought or a quick way to close the guided reading lesson. Through extended writing, however, students can synthesize ideas and generate new understandings. Writing can also be extended during the workshop so students can go deeper with their topic.

5. Teach High Level Strategies: We tend to over-teach strategies such as making connections, asking questions and visualizing. Many times, students have already mastered the strategy in question, or expectations are low for how the student displays mastery of that strategy. Lean toward high-end strategies like inference work, synthesizing, and interpretation.

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