Battle of Kannauj and Bilgram War

Battle of Kannauj was fought between Sher Shah Suri and the king Humayun in 1540. King Humayun knew that Sher Shah Suri’s army is more powerful and it is not easy to get over him in this war. Just because of this Humayun tried to involve his brothers with him for this war but his brother not involved with him, instead of they began putting many obstacles in the way of war preparations.

Sher Shah Suri was skilled ruler and he was very pleased by knowing that Humayun’s brother is not with him. As soon as he learned and decided to invade Humayu with his army and Afghan colleagues , Humayun was also equally prepared for this.

In Battle of Kannauj both forces pitched near Kannauj on bank of Ganga river, according to historians both side have almost 2 lakhs soldiers and both armies stayed there for one month without any war. There was no harm to Sher Shah but soldiers from Humayu’s army started leaving gradually and because of this reason Humayun chose to start the war of Kannauj.

In this war Afghan forces easily defeated Humayun’s army because his troops not fought bout, Afghan army followed Mughal army to the river and killed many soldiers which causes a major damage and a lot of Mughal soldiers drowned in the river. After the war, the throne of Kannauj Humayun fled to their rights and Sher Shah Suri arrived in the state of Delhi.

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