Battle of Ghaghra And Chanderi War

Battle of Ghaghra (May 6, 1529)

The famous Ghagra war (Battle Of Ghaghra) was fought between the Mughal Emperor Babur and Afghan on 6 May, 1529 AD.

After many victories of Babar Afghan didn’t sit quite, brother of Ibrahim Lodi Mahmoud Lodi won Bihar and large eastern territories helped him. Babar sent his son Askari with an army against this insurgent and he himself went from behind.

Babar is coming to hear this information the enemy scattered, while he was going to Buxar via Chunar Allahabad and Varanasi many Afghan warlord accepted Babar’s subordination.

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Mahmoud abandoned by his principal collaborators took refuge in Bengal, ruler of Bengal Nusratshah shown to meet Babar but his forces had given refuge to runaway Afghan insurgents.

Babar move towards Bengal and defeated Afghans on May 6, 1529 in famous battle of Ghagra (Ghaghra ki Ladai), Babur’s conquest faded away the rest of the happiness and many of the principal Afghan rulers, accepted Babar’s subordination.

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Battle of Chanderi

Chanderi famous war (21 January 1528) was fought between the Mughal Emperor Babur and the Rajputs. Famous fortress of Chanderi was in possession of the Medniray, Babar raided Medniray on 20th January 1528 and reached Chanderi.

Medniray locked fort gate with 5000 Rajput, Chanderi fortress was at 230 feet high cliff in front of the city. It was important because it is situated on the borders of Malwa and Bundelkhand, Babar proposed Medniray to handed over the fort and keep his property but he refused to do so.

At the same time they got news from East that Imperial Army defeated by the Afghans who had been forced to return to Kannauj from Lucknow, but Babar didn’t get nervous by this news and continued circle of the fort.

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He attacked the fort around so loud that the Rajput got frustrated and forced to fight all of Johar, Brave Rajput received Veergati and fort taken over by Babar.

Meanwhile, on 30 January Maharana Sanga died and in the near future hope of Rajput resurrection has been fade away. Afghan insurgent leaders were suppressed and by the end of 1528 Babar consume peace.

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