Benefits of a Bachelors in Hotel Management Degree

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Benefits of a Bachelors in Hotel Management Degree

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Want to see the world and get paid to do it? Make sure you pick the right degree.

For most, two different images come to mind when we discuss travel: it’s exciting, something that most of us only do when we’re on vacation, visiting family, heading to an event, or otherwise generally doing exciting or cool stuff. The other view? It’s a nightmare; something we do for work that takes us away from our family and loved ones, forces us to sit with strangers in close proximity for long periods of time, and relegates our out of state activities to places like Arkansas.

Increasingly, life experiences are important to students But for many college students, the idea of seeing the world on someone else’s dime sounds interesting… especially if you’re visiting exotic locales and getting paid to do it. Oh, the stories you’ll collect! The good times you’ll have! You’ll be so tan and your friends will be so jealous!

The problem is that many students who are interested in travel don’t see a clear degree path that will take them to Bora Bora (or even Bali). And many of the traditional jobs that we think of that require heavy travel like Marketing and Sales often don’t pan out the way we want: yeah, traveling to Houston and Fort Collins might seem cool at first, but you’re busy the whole time and most American cities frankly just aren’t that exciting.


An increasingly popular degree program at major universities, a Bachelor’s in Hotel Management provides students with the skills necessary to manage and administer a hotel. As a result, students who actually obtain a Bachelor’s in this field set themselves apart from much of the competition (at this time this is a relatively new degree program, and many hotel managers don’t have a degrees). This means that students are likely to find employment with a major hospitality chain and often have the ability to travel with their job often. Though this is a newer field of study, many colleges now offer great programs in hotel management.

Major hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton have locations around the globe, including hotel management, and often give employees the option to be first in line to take positions at resort locations and exotic world destinations. That means as a hotel manager you’ll have the opportunity to travel with work, stay in a safe location, and get paid to do it.

Other perks of Hotel Management

For the student who wants to travel, this is a great career option to explore. But what else is great about landing a career in the hospitality industry?

Massive discounts: – Employees of large chain hotels like the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG – they own Holiday Inn) offer employees a large discount when they stay at their hotels. That means even when you’re not working or want to travel somewhere else, you have options.

Strong salaries – Hotel managers earn a bit over $50,000/year, which is higher than the average income in the United States. Additionally, those with a Bachelor’s earn even more.

Excitement never stops – Working in a hotel in a large city or resort (and to some extentany city) is an interesting job. You’ll definitely have stories to tell.

If you’re a student intent on traveling when you graduate, I encourage you to explore this major -you’ll find that this is a growing field with an exciting opportunity for travel when you graduate.

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